Flats of plants for the sales.

Horticulture Club is a Recognized Student Organization at UNL. Our members are students of all educational levels who are inspired by plants and their wide array of uses. We encourage students of all majors to join, and we genuinely enjoy the diverse perspectives non-Horticulture majors offer the club. As long as you enjoy the presence of plants you are welcome! If you agree to one or more of the following you are a perfect match for the UNL Horticulture Club:

  • Plants are your life!
  • Plants are your go-to past time.
  • Plants are in your kitchen windowsill.
  • Plants are something you stop to look at on your way to work.
  • You enjoy meeting new and interesting people.
  • You enjoy good food!
  • You embrace who you are as an individual at the University!
  • You want to experience a community like no other.

Most of the club's time is spent chatting about interesting plants and the adventures our members have had with them. In addition to preparing for our two big plant sales each year, we enjoy dreaming and planning greenhouses and landscapes. Horticulture Club plans for the future but relishes the excitement of the present. Club members share employment experiences and explore opportunities to network. A recommendation from a fellow UNL Horticulture Club member can go a long way when looking for a new job! 

Whether you are interested in joining the club, buying plants, or just learning more about who we are as an organization and what we do as a community, we hope you enjoy browsing our newly-formatted website!

Feel free to contact us at unlhortclub@gmail.com or message us on Facebook at UNL Horticulture Club